Why is a sponsor in the AA program?

As I have gotten much more intensely involved within the AA program, I get this enquiry a lot: why is the sponsor located in any AA program? This is in fact a question that I asked whenever I first became a member of AA. And so, to respond to this particular question, I ought to tell my own tale of exactly how I discovered the reason sponsors are part of the AA program. Let me just entice you more before I get to respond to the question in full. Through my personal time in AA I attained sobriety, and that wouldn’t have been feasible without having my personal sponsor. And through my sponsor leading me, I grew to be sober, and then got to be motivated to end up being a sponsor myself. Now, why is the sponsor located in any AA program?

I entered the AA plan as an alcoholic that had lost practically everything. I’d lost my work and lost several close friends and family members. The only thing I maintained was my crummy little apartment, but soon even this would end up being gone, and it didn’t mean anything anyway. I went into AA out of desperation. II wanted to change. I needed leadership, and I desired it from the leader of our AA program. I wished to be with the leader and alongside additional folks like me. So I was thrown off by these sponsors, those men and women that had it all together. I didn’t want these folks around. Then I soon discovered that I would be having to deal with a sponsor of my very own from the sponsors located in the program.

I was initially instructed that the sponsor was in fact someone else who should have the thing that I wanted. I connected with my sponsor, a man named James. James was in his late 40’s. He had been an alcoholic throughout his early 30’s, the same age range as me. He had conquered dependency on alcohol then gone on to establish his own bakery company, get married, and start a family. Really, this guy had almost everything I wanted, apart from the bakery. I soon realized that James could easily become my personal role model. HeHe had been through the exact same things as me, he certainly knew a way to be able to get over it then move on to enjoy a nice life.

James James got to be my rock. He supported me during the journey, offering me the shoulder to lean on if I got tired, an ear to be able to talk to when I ended up being distressed in between AA meetings. He led me upon the journey and made sure I got to exactly where I wanted to go. I came to the realization that this individual was actually the only one that could supply me the individual consideration I really needed, not the leader of the AA program. James made it easier for me personally to achieve sobriety. And I’ll tell you something, we are still great friends to this day. And now, I am proceeding ahead and aiding individuals the way he helped me.

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