What is cross-addiction?

I have known a lot of people who have struggled because of drug and alcohol addiction in my time. I don’t know just what it is, yet I have constantly been surrounded by men and women with addiction problems. I’m not an alcoholic or a drug addict myself, yet I was in fact born into a family where there was a lot them and I appear to attract pals who have got these problem. My mother, who is actually not a drug addict or an alcoholic, claims it’s due to the fact I possess a silent strength and in addition I have always been a problem solver. She thinks that individuals with these big disorders are generally more likely to become drawn to me since some people will sense my strength and subconsciously need me to help correct them. Of course, I can’t correct anyone. This whole strength aspect is ultimately putting me in a troublesome scenario since people with these particular issues would tend to flock to me. I’m twenty five years old and I feel surrounded by individuals having problems with all these types of addictions and consequently I feel over-exhausted by my best attempts to try and assist them all and acquire them all help.

In my time, I have observed moderate addiction to alcohol in which the user is actually a functional alcoholic. That’s my own father for you. I have personally seen substantial alcohol dependency in which the particular people will need to always be drinking to “function”. Really, these people don’t function well yet that helps to keep them from feeling vulnerable to the outside world that they can move about in it. I have seen nominal drug addiction conditions such as addiction to weed, quite a number of people young and old I know such as my younger brother have struggled because of this. And I have witnessed substantial drug addictions, addictions that fully control one’s existence such as addictions to heroin and crystal meth. A few of my friends have battled with this. And unfortunately, my own older sister still does. And I’ve seen men and women struggle with numerous addictions. Addictions to drugs and also to booze or alternatively addictions to numerous particular drugs at once. I’ve heard this defined as cross-addiction. But what is cross-addiction?

You see, I am interested to know about all these terms and so forth because I am working with dependency so frequently. Like I said, i actually over exhaust myself seeking out AA and NA meetings, twelve step programs, and rehabilitation centers as well as programs. What is cross-addiction? Is this a disorder that might call for me to discover a different sort of therapy from what I encounter right now with regard to these kinds of people?

God, God, now that i actually stop and ponder about it, it’s genuinely unfortunate just how concerned I get with these people’s problems. I get surrounded and consequently I attempt to be able to solve. It truly isn’t fair for me. I mean, I’m pleased i actually help folks sometimes, nonetheless , it’s not my place and also it’s not my job.

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