What is co-dependency?

We’ve all come across the word co-dependency. However, not a lot of men and women learn what really means. What is co-dependency? Well, it’s a health problem which men and women get that can make them dependent on another man or woman in someway. It is an illness which translates into an unhealthy, uncontrollable love for another particular person that pushes them to go out of their way for this other person, harming themselves throughout this process, and also tends to make these folks almost incapable of accomplishing anything at all without having that other person. I can point out there are a lot of partners out there who currently have 1 co-dependent individual in the relationship. And unfortunately, this could be what generally finishes the relationship. Now, exactly how do I understand about co-dependency? Well, I had a slight case of this myself, as well as a special case.

I was in fact actually slightly co-dependent over my best friend, Alec. This is really fairly uncomfortable to be able to write about, I mean, it’s another guy that is a friend, and i actually got to be co-dependent for him, nevertheless that’s the simple fact of this particular matter. You see, Alec and I met during high school. We’ve been good friends for almost ten years. A couple of years ago, we did almost everything together, and this felt special to have this kind of a strong, male connection in my life. You see, my dad was never there for me growing up, he didn’t give me the particular attention that I wanted as a child. So when I grew to become so close to this friend, a great friend that was very much a male leader, a solid male support system, i actually clung to him.

II started out not really looking to actually do stuff during any week-ends or with other people except for when Alec was in fact going. I would put together a meal for my own family, then Alec would commonly come over. I stopped liking to prepare food when I realized this guy wasn’t coming. Alec is one of those types of guys that eats kind of bad as well as doesn’t always eat when he should. So, I started going out of my way to carry food to the man’s home and deposit them in his fridge. I was always making an attempt to help make his circumstances easier due to the fact he meant so much to me, I wished him to be properly taken care of.

The reality is, this guy wasn’t in reality taken care of by his mother growing up. So, this guy was missing that attention. My mom took excellent care of me, and as a result I recognized how to supply this attention to him. Yet, I didn’t have that steady male figure in my own life, which this guy gave me. So it developed this kind of vicious cycle of co-dependency. We shortly noticed that what had been going on was unusual and also it was wrong. We had to be able to take the step away from the friendship because it wasn’t good.

That ended up being a painful time, nevertheless I did come out of it. I went to this shrink and worked out some of my personal problems. One day while I was with this shrink I asked, “What is co-dependency?” When he described it, I understood that was the thing that I experienced been for Alec, and consequently that I needed to alter that. And i actually have. Alec and I are even now good friends, and yet because of co-dependency, it needed a lot of effort in order to continue being like that.

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