What does it mean to “work the steps” of 12 step programs?

My older sis only lately began a twelve step program needed for her alcohol dependency problem. She may be young, nonetheless , the girl still for some reason fell into this pitfall of alcoholism. My mother and father stepped in and informed her that it was either get support or they would ante up for her grad school. So naturally, she has chosen to acquire help. No one believed that her dilemma had been grave enough for full on rehabilitation, but the twelve step program would likely end up being just fine. And so, this is exactly what the girl is actually going through right now. When I found out the girl was in fact obtaining this help, I was in fact pretty excited. I’ve heard information on 12 step programs along with how much they can help people. And I really do want my sister to be able to succeed, she has so much to offer this world, I want her healthy. I can’t wait for this lady to be able to give up alcoholism, proceed through grad school, then get out and about into our world then show everyone just what she is made of. Unfortunately, we have actually run into a little bit of a wall.

My mom and dad are often in communications with the particular leader for this particular 12 step program, and this guy explained that her progress is really less in comparison to what that ought to be. She has got some variety of emotional blockage which is not making it possible for the girl to be able to move forward and end up being a strong, sober individual. She isn’t consuming alcohol right now, but she isn’t emotionally and mentally progressing. She is still with the mind set for an alcoholic even if the girl is not actively partaking in those types of urges. According to this leader of this program, this guy claims the girl is really only hoping that by simply going and sitting in at those get togethers that she ought to wind up cured from alcoholism, it won’t happen, obviously.

According to the leader, my sis needs to “work the steps” associated with the 12 step program. That she needs to be actively working when these people learn go through every single stage of the program. This is really something which I don’t entirely understand. What actually does it necessarily mean to “work the steps” from 12 step programs? I mean, this is actually sort of an unusual phrase. Aren’t you pretty much progressing your way through any steps and consequently these methods lead to sobriety? I realize that he understands exactly what he is talking about, however i actually don’t. And i actually need to due to the fact I want to recognize exactly what this person means so that i actually know exactly what is actually going on as well as precisely what has to go on with my sister. So, what can that necessarily mean to “work the steps” pertaining to twelve step programs?

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