Voting Question: What to do/say to my drug addicted cousin?

Everyone in my family has an addiction of some kind….seriously. My cousin Rachael is a product of her own envirement I guess, her parents are addicted to crack cocaine, alcohal, and who knows what else. Anyway, she has had about 9 abortions and had her second child on october second, so not too long ago. social workers took both of her kids after finding cocain and percaset in Rachael’s system and the new baby showing possible signs of addiction. Kandyce, (her oldest- 1 1/2 years) is in foster care now and Kiera, the new baby is still in the hospital because she is going through withdraw and is very sick. Rachael thinks shes getting her kids back but it’s obvious she isn’t for a long time if ever. Everyone is always babying her, acting like she should never have consequences it’s disgusting. I want to be there for her without acting like she can do no wrong. I want to say this to her but I don’t know if I should….”I used to get excited when people told me I looked like you, because I have always looked up to you and admired you. Now I cringe when people say that because I don’t want to be anything like you.”
She has some sort of complications from all the abortions and having kids so she’s been having to use bags to go to the bathroom. One fileld with blood last week so she had to go to the hospital. The doctor gave her percs for pain and she never told him she was addicted! Because she wants them! I can’t believe she still hasn’t learned her lesson.
advice please???

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