Voting Question: what to do about my mother in law replies needed.?

My mother-in-law is really a work of art. She has an alcohol and pain addiction and we suspect a cocaine problem. My husband confronted her on these issues and she made a web of lies and said she did not have a problem and blamed me for the whole entire situation calling me names and saying i am not good enough for her son, that issue died down after a month and I forgave her for the things she said, because my husband could not stand us fighting… if i had to do it over i would not have.. but i did for his health’s sake. I really have a problem with her and how she acts, she calls plastered and slurring her words to me and my husband all the time… She is always asking me why her youngest son is rebellious and i want to tell her it is because of her but i can’t. I eventually want to have children and i don’t want her around them what should i do. I want to start a fight so badly but that would upset my hubby, the situation is beyond ridiculous she needs to be disowned. It is obvious that she has a drug problem because she blew through $30,000 in two months. I just wish there was a way to not have her involved in our lives….. What to do, start a fight or put up with her crap… that drags us both down.. :(

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