Voting Question: Trying to recover from a cocaine addiction, is my friend making it worse?

I started using cocaine years ago, my best friend also uses cocaine (she started way before me though) we have been doing it together for a long time and I got very addicted. It’s to the point now where I have a love/hate relationship with the stuff. Mainly though I’m really tired of keeping this up and I dont want to do it anymore. I go a few days without then I do it again…and so on….but so far it has been one week (a long time for me, ok?) and I’m feeling great. The urge is going away and I’m loving it. BUT my best friend keeps getting some…and the kicker is. She tells her husband she’s buying it for ME. Now her husband is “worried about me” and she thinks it’s funny. She says it’s not hurting anyone but I’m really offended. I’m really hurt by all this but she seems to think it’s no big deal…what do u guys think?

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