Voting Question: Should I get back together with him?

I usually hate these type of questions but I’m in a bit of a dilemma at the moment.
I’m 15, he’s 22.
He’s my sister’s ex, but they haven’t been seeing each other for years.
I’ve been secretly seeing since January this year, but I broke up with him last week because he has some ‘dirty habits’.
Basically, he’s a coke addict and a bit of an alcoholic. He wasn’t always like this, but he suffers from bouts of depression from time to time. So do I, mainly because I am bulimic. But he used to be bulimic when he was my age so he understands me and gives me support. I tried to help him with his addiction, but failed. We’re both pretty dysfunctional people to be honest. But I love him more than anyone else in the world. I wouldn’t mind that he does cocaine only I started doing it with him too and one day I turned up to school majorly high.
Only my friends know about our relationship. If anyone else knew, surely he’d go to jail. We have slept together lots of times, but I refuse to use protection because of my religious beliefs (I’m Catholic). I can’t get pregnant because of my bulimia. And I know that sex before marriage is bad too but that is a promise that I would find very hard to keep in modern times.
Thing is, I’m regretting breaking up with him. I thought it was for my own good but I miss him so much. We had planned on getting married one day. Should I get back together with him?
Surely you’re not going discourage me from abstaining from the use of artificial contraception? Two wrongs do not make aright. I know that sex before marriage is wrong, but it’s way too late for me to abstain now. And I know we will get married. And if we don’t get married, I know that I will not marry anybody else.
The coke bit, well, once I did it out of drunkeness, the next out of empathy. I know that it was a really stupid thing to do and I regret it because I made such a fool out of myself in school. I’ve promised that I will never drink or do drugs again.
You all say that he’s a jerk, but I think he is the most amazing person I’ve ever met.
And I can’t get pregnant, without a doubt. I’ve got amenorrhea.
And my sister? Well, they haven’t been going out for years.They were both teenagers. And SHE dumped HIM. So I doubt she would really care, only she might me concerned about me. That’s all.

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