Voting Question: Should I continue to take Adderall? Is it safe?

I know how I started taking this drug was stupid, but it’s the truth and needs to be told. I was diagnosed with ADD years ago and was prescribed Adderall. I took it for a week and didn’t see much results, so it sat in my medicine cabinet for years. The pills had gotten wet and dissolved into powder during that time. When I found the powder, a friend of mine suggested that we snort it. I loved it. I felt focused, decisive and motivated.

I finished the bottle up my nose and got a new prescription for it. For the past three months I’ve been snorting it, not every day, but close to everyday, however I really wasn’t seeing any bad effects from it. I finally realized “this is like a cocaine addiction” and needed to stop, so I stopped last week. I have no desire to snort again but since I stopped, I have been exhausted. Sleeping, sleeping and more sleeping. Not getting anything done. I would like to take this drug orally because I am indeed ADD and it does help me focus, but perhaps I should just stay away from it altogether? What are your thoughts? Did I do damage to myself from snorting it so much? Should I take it orally? Please only people with knowledge on the topic reply…

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