Voting Question: She asks me to be her therapist, then her internet sex buddy?

I met this girl a few weeks ago on y!a who was seeking help for her sexual abuse issues. She’s 17, and she suffered this from her uncle from ages 7 to 14. He died 3 years ago, which is how the abuse stopped.

Anyway, I offered her my IM like a kind human being helper, and after she took it, basically, she was looking for validation of what happened to her, mainly meaning she wanted me to ask her about what her uncle did to her, mainly to cleanse herself of the memories and possibly for validation.

And for the past 2 days, she’s made me do this: be her internet sex buddy! She says even though her uncle did so many horrible things to her, she says she loves sex and masturbation. And she wanted me to sex-talk her while she fingers herself. It was so weird and uncomfortable even though I loved it at the same time. It was weird mainly because it was the physical stuff her uncle did to her. But like she said, she loves it that other guys do it now. I felt so crappy and horny at the same time after it was over the first time. Still feel weird today.

And yesterday, I found out something she told me. She was high both times we did this. She says she’s the horniest when she’s highest. And here’s something else: after her uncle died, she sold her body for 2 years for cocaine addiction, and when we first met, she said she was clean for a few months, but obviously, she’s not. My theory is that she gets high when the memories come back, and she resorts to all this stuff she makes us do.

So what can I do here? For review, we IM, can’t email since her family searches her stuff. And her family’s useless, which is why she came to us on y!a. I’m 19, and she’s 17. She won’t tell me her state, and she ignored my offer of my phone number. I’m ready to refer her to a woman friend/therapist I know just in case.

And I even reminded her that I’m her therapist (not real one, just a listener and friend), and not a sex service dude.
Like I said, I feel horrible about this. But at the time, I was scared and confused, and I didn’t know what to say. But I’m putting a stop to it now. And I mean NOW!
And yes, I know I’m an idiot from doing this. I didn’t even wanna ask this question because I didn’t wanna be judged, even though I should be judged, but I have no where else to turn. So now the fact that I did wrong is gone, could just give me advice on this girl?

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