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Has anyone ever hurt you
In a way they couldn’t mend?
You try and try to help
But their addiction they defend.

The distance themselves
Despite knowing your pain.
They grow angry, and selfish
For what they think is self gain.

Slowly, you lose all hope
That they will be themselves again.
You see your fears coming true.
You wish it was just pretend.

You try to fix them
But they push you away.
They say they don’t need help.
They say they’ll be okay.

You see them slowly suffer
From the addiction of their choice.
You know that deep down they want the help;
But they can’t seem to find their voice.

You watch them lose the battle
You have tried to help them through.
The addiction brings in new soldiers;
All of its weapons are new.

For fear of losing yourself
You withdraw from their personal war.
You wish they would get better
But you can’t stand to watch anymore.

Learning one of life’s lessons
You vow to stay far away.
But things you have seen stay with you.
All you can hope is for a better day.

Throughout his strenuous battle
Emotional pain was my affliction.
Throughout his strenuous battle
Cocaine was his addiction.

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