Voting Question: My past and my chances of becoming a police officer?

Ok ill admit in my teenage years i did some dumb stuff out of pure ignorance and i regret it all now but i have come to relize that being a police officer is the only thing i want to do and at 19 i joind the army national guard and became an MP and im currently going to college for criminal justice but in my past i smoked weed and ive done cocaine a few time and ive taken some pain killers before but nothing like having an addiction and since i decided this is what i want to do ive been clean and its no problem for me to stay clean because this is way to important to me but it”ll take me at least 2-3 years to get my degree but do you think i could still be an officer because if i cannot ill be crushed and i dont know what else to do because this is all i want

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