Voting Question: my husband has committed adultery?

After 11 years of marrage i have just found out my husband has cheated. We have no children, and I have always worked 9 – 5, and he worked in our business which was 7 days a week till 1am, we saw very little of each other and no matter how much i moaned about this he did nothing ever to improve the situation. He wouldnt help in the house, he showed me very little physical emotion maybe 1 a month, and never kissed or cuddled me. I spoke to him about this on numerous occasions and he would always just get angry. I have now just found out that he has been having an affair for 5 years with a women who is 17 years younger and no oil painting! They have a 4 year old son and this women has always worked for him in our business. He tells me that the reason he needed to carry on the relationship with her for the 5 years, was she would have come and told me. I have spoken to this women and she tells me she loves him and wants him to be part of her sons life. My husband tells me he does not want anything more to do with women and is now relieved that he does not have to carry this problem around with him anymore?
I did everything for this man – including setting up every business for him, He telephones me and is so remorseful and crys all the time…trying to make me feel guilty.
He wants me to forgive him and tells me he will save our marriage and show me he can be a good husband….he is currently living in his own flat.
The women clearly wants him and has also told me things that are so unbelievable ie he had a drug addiction to cocaine and she has helped him get clean?
That he has had many affairs before and could possibly have another child by someone else who worked in the business.
I look at him and dont know him anymore. He insists she is telling lies, as she wants him so badly? We have split up before on 2 other occasions when i felt i could no longer cope with not being able to get through to him and he has always ran straight to her.
I just want to know the truth? He now swears on his mothers life everyday that he will never lie to me again and tell me everything, and that this women is evil – She wants him!.
She is very rough and comes from a very bad area, with brothers who are notorius for fighting and causing lots of trouble.
Help what would you do?

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