Voting Question: My BF has a drinking and drug problem and wants to change. What can we do 2 keep him in the right path?

My boyfriend and I have been in a relationship going on 8 years. We had of first child in 2006 when our child was born we moved in together..He is a heavy drinker and has even used drugs (cocaine). all of 2009 we had problems because of these two issues. The last week of december I picked up my kids’ and my stuff and left the house because I am not wasn’t going to continue having to put up with the drug and alcohol problem. a few days past and he realized that his kids and i are more important than anything so i gave him the better of dought so we are back together. up until now he has not drank alcohol nor drugs and he has even enrolled in school to further his education, he is really excited about this and I can really see that he wants to change and wants to continue on the right path. My concern is this, i am more then willing to, to be by his side through this but like I said he has a problem with both alcohol and drugs, you can say an addict, he has done this for years so i know you cant stop cold turkey and i dint want for him to have a relapse. What can I do or how can I help him, where can we go so he can stay sober and overcome this addiction and stay sober??

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