Voting Question: just found out my husband is using cocaine and i have a 3 month old baby.?

money has been missing for months. rent and car note is behind. hes lost ALOT of weight and he is VERY irritable…he yells at me so much i go to work crying at least once a week.

i cheated on my husband when i was pregnant (i have to be honest) i thought he was cheating because our money was always gone, he never wanted to have sex, treated me like crap, etc. so i attributed all the irritability, moodswings, and name calling to that. ive been going to couseling to deal with this and havent talked to the person since. ive tried everything to earn his trust and to be a good wife since then..but to no avail.

i recently unraveled some of the lies and he confessed that he snorts cocaine every other day. i kicked him out, changed the locks, and im left with absolutely NO MONEY….ZERO, alot of past due bills, and a 3 month old little girl. i told his family but he tells them a different story..hes making it seem like his addiction isnt that bad and they believe him.

now hes living “life as usual” and CLAIMS he researching a drug class to go to. his family says i HAVE to let him see his child and they babysit for me so theyve been letting him see her behind my back. im from dallas but i live in houston now so i have no family to help me out and i cant afford daycare right now. they say hes clean and i should give him a chance because “hes not gonna do anything to that baby and he has to earn everybodys trust.” he keeps telling his family he needs to see his daughter for motivation to stay clean. im not tryin to keep her away from him but HES A DRUG ADDICT! ive been letting him have (what i hope) are supervised visits with his daughter and he seems normal when hes around her. but of course, i cant attend these visits because im working so i dont know whats reallly going on.

he’s tells me hes not going to help me pay the bills unless i let him see her. hes sent me a total of $310 to help with bills (we owe about 1300 in rent, car notes, and 22 and make about 2500 a month so thats alot) and he bought formula and 2 boxes of wipes. hes been gone for 2 weeks now. his family doesnt help me with bills at all.

i think we should get a divorce. he says he never loved me and we shouldnt have gotten married but friends tell me that cant be true and thats just the drugs talking. i would like to move back to dallas where i have support but he says he will fight me for child support (i laughed when he said this)

so my questions are:
should i get a divorce?
could he really be clean?
can he win a custody battle?
is there any way i can force him to take a drug test and go to rehab?

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