Voting Question: Is cocaine any less dangerous than crack?

I have heard that cocaine does not lead to addiction the way crack does, and that you hardly ever see a crack head snorting, they almost always smoke. And we always see on television and in real life things like big time mafia bosses snorting coke using rolled up hundred dollars bills, high rollers snorting it of the breasts of hookers, billionaire cartel leaders selling and snorting coke. you never see these people smoking out of a crack pipe. It was the CRACK epidemic, not the COCAINE epidemic. I know most of the examples above are glamorized images of cocaine, but the thing is we see it in real life, not just movies. all the bums in my city smoke crack, i’ve never seen a homeless man snorting cocaine, but i have seen them huddled on a bus stop bench smoking a crack pipe.

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