Voting Question: i was on drugs and drinkin but just found out im pregnant.?

I was a heavy drug user, mainly cocaine, speed and valium. I have just finnished a valium detox programme where i went down 5 mg ever 2 weeks from 30mg but i was still using speed frequently. I was also drinking cider and beer and smoking (regular smoking, not weed) frequently but I have just found out I am smoking. I cut all of it out as soon as I found out, which my drug addiction nurse wasnt happy for as stoppin a long term valium intake can cause seizures, but I am absolutely terrified that I have already done damage to my unborn baby. It works out I am about 8-9 weeks, Like I said as soon as I found out I cut it all out but I cant shake that guilty feeling. I am terribly worried, as i’ve been reading up on the internetabout side effects that drinking alone can have. Could I have done so much damage this early on? Im already begining to feel like a bad mother :(

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