Voting Question: I want to go to the police…but im not sure what to say?

i’ll try to make this brief
my cousin is 17, with a baby
she has some drug addiction issues that she has been battling since she was 14. She has a very addictive personality and is easily persuaded to do things she doesn’t want to do.
Her drug of choice has always been cocaine.

Now this other girl came into the picture and started to do Heroine, she even had the nerve to bring it to our house, use at our house, overdose at our house to the point where she was having seisures and we were scared that she was going to die. This girl has had muliple run ins with the authorities recently and was ordered into in-patient rehab….and instead of that she goes over to my 17 YEAR OLD cousins new house and persuades her to take H almost daily now.
My cousin had her baby 5 weeks ago, tried Dope for the first time and now has been doing it once or twice a week (and thats just what shes been telling me, Im scared that its been more than that)

I want this girl in jail. I want her away from my family, out of my life, and never able to give another teenager drugs again. Can I get her charged with endangering the life of a minor or supplying drugs to a minor?

And how do I do this without getting my cousin in trouble. She just had a baby, (who is safe, lives with non-using family members in the house and even through my cousins laps of judgment she has never even held the baby while on drugs) I don’t want my god daughter taken away from her, I know she can get off the drugs again once the people supplying her are out of her way. She was off drugs her entire pregnancy (when she lived with me) and I want to stop this Heroine business before she reaches the point of no return.

How do I get this girl arrested? What do I tell the police? If this is her 3 or 4th time being arrested for possession of H or being under the influence of it while driving will they finally lock her up?
no she doesn’t breast feed, she doesn’t mistreat the baby
actually, if she didn’t tell me specifically about the drugs I wouldn’t have even thought she took them.
Shes just a little girl that got caught up in drugs, he mother was a crack addict and left their family 9 years ago so I think some of her issues stems from that.
As a mother herself, she seems to be very good (considering shes only just turned 17), very loving, very attentive to the baby…..the only thing that messes it up is when the drugs come into play

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