Voting Question: I think i have fallen out of love with my fiance, i don’t want to marry him!!?

I am 26 and engaged, I haven been dating my fiance for 5 years, engaged for 1. We have known each other since we were kids and he told me he always knew he loved me & that i always had him in the friend zone & didn’t think i would ever see him as anything else and he wanted me so bad. I grew up with parents who had money and i rebelled big time as i developed a cocaine addiction & party scene but found it myself & have been ok for 4yrs. My fiance is a very wealthy guy as he grew up with it and i never really had money growing up, he buys me everything i could want but i feel like he thinks he has to buy my love. He tells me all the time that he loves me and could never think about living without me but lately he has been out all the time working or getting things for his business or traveling. He always asks me to travel with him but i cant all the time as i have a job of my own. I loved him so much but lately i cant stand him touching me. Im very distant from my fiance and whenever we are out at a party i more interested in having a good time and i think i may be slipping back into my old ways I love my fiance but i don’t think we will have a future. I’ve talked to my mom but she told me to give us a go but she’s only worried about me having security and i don’t care about that, i wanna be happy. Any Advice??

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