Voting Question: I need an opinion on my essay outline for my grade 11 American History class. What do you think of my outline?

The essay topic is: the romance of crime and its effect on American society. The assignment required me to watch 3 crim movies and I chose, The Godfather, Scarface and Good Fellas.

Paragraph 1 (Crimes Effect on Politics)
*Bribery in politics (People commit crimes and bibe politicians for leniancy)
-FDR is said to have been bribed
-the godfather had the judges and politicians “in his pocket” according to Sollazzo
*Politicians themselves commit crimes
-Richard Nixon & the Watergate Scandal
-In Scarface, refugees were put into freedom camps by the government (this could be seen as unfair treatment towards refugees today, alost crime like?)
*Politicans have been killed
-Abraham Lincoln was assasinated
-In Scarface Tony Montana is willing to kill a communist as if it were nothing

PARAGRAPH 2 (crimes affects on america socially)
*The “American Dream” can only be attained by a life of crime
-Many Americans turn to crime in order to attain said dream
-In good fellas an up and coming american gangster is seduced into the money he feels is promised by the drug world
*Drug usage in the USA is quite significant
-Although america contains 5% of the worlds population about 60% of the worlds drugs are consumed by the US
-Tony Montana’s growing addiction to cocaine is significant throughout the movie
*Hommicide rates are quite significant in the USA
-People do not feel safe, there are more weapons being carried, residents become more withdrawn, defensive, and less comitted, to their economy
-Michael in the godfather, turns to crime after his father is shot

PARAGRAPH 3 (crimes effect on the economy)
*Drugs cost the USA allot of money
-The amount of drug consumption in the USA is quite significant, thus millions of dollars are being spend on illegal substances which cannot
be taxed
-In Scarface Tony Montana is moving millions of dollars in drugs, none of which are taxed
*Members of organized crime have made their millions through their lives of crime
-as opposed to making money at a reputable job, some Americans feel pressured into a life of crime
-Jimmy in Good Fellas
*The damage caused by crime is a hit to the economy
-Ex. After crimes various things cost the government money- police, hospitals, courts, judges, keeping criminals in jail, compensation for victims
-In the godfather countless crimes + murders are committed

Please provide your opinions as well as alternative ideas.
This is just a rough outline so go crazy..

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