Voting Question: I need advice, I’ve just begun detoxing.?

Hi everybody, i’m 17 years old and I’m addicted to heroin and cocaine. I am an IV user. I have a really bad opiate addiction and I have for a while now. I came back to my parents house two days ago.. I had been staying with my boyfriend where I proceeded to shoot herion, cocaine, and morphine. I feel more sick than I have ever felt in my life. I’ve been throwing up, shaking, my eyes tear up, I can’t sleep well.. and when I do I wake up having dreams about shooting up. My whole body aches, and my throat hurts (probably from smoking crack) I’m sweating and then freezing. I’m running a fever and I just feel like dying. I’ve never felt this kind of need to use opiates. I told my mother what was going on.. she told me that she doesn’t feel sorry for me and I was going to have to detox by myself.. FYI i’ve been to two rehabilitaion centers in the past year and a half. Nothing has helped. I’ve tried NA.. no luck. I was also raped a few days ago while I was still out using. I just need someone to give me advice on how to make the withdrawals a little less severe. PLEASE HELP

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