Voting Question: i am hoping to find an awnser to my question because it is a legal question and i do not have the extra money?

So if anyone has has expert advice i would gratly appreciate it..Ok, i was pulled over on xmas eve driving to my family home and i got pulled over in a little town that i was going through for swerving.? Not real sure if i did or not but then they pulled me over and had me get out of my car. I take medication for a couple different things that is legally prescribed to me, but i had the tablets all in one bottle so they took me to jail for illegal possession and driving under the influence. Well, im certain that they can not make the charge stick as long as i take them my prescriptions but what i do not know is can they charge me for driving under the infuence if i only took my prescribed doseof medication, or does all chemicals that is in a persons body while driving have to be over a certain limit, like blood alcohol content (which mine was zero)?? also one more thing that i am very discusted with myself about. I am a recovering addict but have been doing very well because i started going to a doctor and psyco-therapy and taking anti-depressants, which has helped VERY well, but on xmas eve about 4 or 5 hours before i started my trip home i was at a party and slipped up and done two small lines of cocaine! Ya, what an idiot, huh? Anyways, ive been feeling very guilty about it, but im wondering if when they send off my blood work if the cocaine in my system will make me test positive for driving under the influence or does that two have to be over a certain level.? I was very foolish for doing such a thing but i just hope it doesnt mess up my future in which ive strived to overcome my addictions. Please if anyone is out their that has reliable help that i can use to get through this than i would owe a great debt to someone, and i will be a good sameritain, and try to help someone myself. “Pay it forwards” in other words…. Even actual case laws, or the article and section if you are that familiar with the oklahoma law or federal statutes…thank you from the bottom of my heart……

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