Voting Question: How would you feel after your loved one was put in a mental facility? (M.D. Help would be appreciated)?

Hello everyone. Instead of jumping right into the main story, I first must give you some background information. My boyfriend and I have been together for 2 and a half years now and have had a very strong, beautiful relationship-except for his drug addiction. Into the first year of our relationship, he admitted to smoking marijuana, which I didn’t exactly like, but was just glad it wasn’t anything too serious. It eventually went from that, to finding out that he liked to take pain pills and xanax as well, but not in an addictive way at this point. He admitted to taking ecstacy when he was in high school too. Time went by and it advanced to cocaine, though he stopped that very quickly- all times he had quit, being for me. It didn’t end there though. He’s a musician and performed at a show, admitting to me that he had taken pain pills along with several pills of ecstasy afterward. This hurt me, and he promised he’d stop. But, of course, he didn’t-because he’s an addict. After that, he stopped smoking pot and he went straight to pain pills after that. He took xanax and eventually didn’t have enough money to buy any more. Due to withdrawal, he had a seizure. This withdrawal happened again and he had another seizure a month later. It’s be really hard, but I’ve always stuck beside him because I love him dearly and see so much inside of him-so much potential. He has always been so loving and amazing to me, besides for the addiction-so I don’t want to paint a bad picture of him. He has been absolutely perfect other than this problem. He suffers from depression and was prescribed lithium carbonate and seroquel before his last seizure, by the way. He told me he wasn’t taking them anymore because they didn’t do anything for him shortly after his second seizure. Just so you don’t get the wrong idea- I have NEVER been okay with any of his drug use, ever- and never once have supported it. All I’ve ever wanted was for him to get help and get healthy.

ANYWAYS- to my main story. I’ll start at the beginning. Thursday, I got off of school around noon and went straight to his house. I knocked on the door, and when he opened it, he was in a state of panic and told me to come in quickly. He started talking and nothing he said made sense. He told me how he had to stop people breaking into his dad’s house and told me a whole bunch of events that happened that never took place. He started to get his dates confused and talked as if something that happened months ago happened the day before. I called his dad to come over. He came over and witnessed it. He was going back and forth between making sense and making absolutely no sense. It spiraled down from there. He started seeing hallucinations and kept asking me why there were people in the room with us. He kept getting tv shows that he watches mixed up with reality. He would tell me dreams, and forget to tell me that he was telling me a dream. He went to warm up food in the kitchen, and when I looked in the microwave he had tupperware containers heating with nothing in it. I took it out and he eventually put food in it for him. He took it out and threw it away and started the microwave with nothing in it. He then got really scared and told me that we couldn’t let the people get inside and I asked why, trying to stay calm and work with him and keep him in one place. He then began to think we were in a cave. I told him that we were in his room and he told me that he’s never had a room. He spiraled more. He could hardly even make words and instead started mumbling and speaking in gibberish. It was a nightmare and still is. The hardest part was having to play along with him and keep him sitting down. He tried to get in his truck because he said he had to go help his friend. I had to pretend and tell him that they called and said nevermind. I had to do this several times. His dad, my mom, and I brought him to a mental health facility where they denied him because he’s delusional and not coherent enough to make decisions. He spent the night with his dad and spent the whole night wandering around and getting into stuff. The next day, his dad went to court and was granted power of attorney over him, due to my boyfriend being incoherent and not being able to make sense whatsoever. He was admitted and eventually snapped out of his delusions. He thought he had been in there 4 days longer than he had been. He was angry at everyone and didn’t know why he was there, which I can understand. I hated that he was there, but was so happy he was becoming himself again. I visited him several times and he was released yesterday to his mother, who is crazy herself. The facility didn’t even inform his father of his release when he was power of attorney. He was supposed to stay for further testing. Now, he’s living with his crazy mother who is an addict herself. He went with her because she basically made him a bunch of fake promises (How she’ll pay for him college if he stays drug free, etc etc.) when s
Also, his best friend thinks he might have taken ecstacy, not his medicine, to make him behave in that manner.

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