Voting Question: How to you explain to your spouse that you are enabling a crack/cocaine addict?

My husband’s brother has a serious drug addiction to crack. It was so bad that he would give his truck to the drug dealer for crack. He has stolen from my husband on numerous occasions. My brother in law was in a nursing facility for a back injury that he suffered while working. He was clean for over 9 months. He recently moved from his sponsor at AA to live with someone different. We hadn’t heard from him for nearly 6 months even at Christmas time. He called my husband at work giving him his new address and phone number. He called me last week at 12 pm and sounded crazy and loud. He knows my husband is almost always at work at that time of day. He said to me that he wasn’t sure we had his number. The phone call was very strange. Tonight, he called my husband asking for money for food and cigarettes. I am concerned that he used all of his disability check for drugs. He receives over $2000 a month in workman comp disability payments. He receives the check before the 10th day of the month. Today is only the tenth, he said that he had moving expenses and rent. He is sharing a rented house with 3 other room mates. He only has a few belongings. How could he possibly have used all the money in only a few days? This is why I’m concerned about my husband. He feels obligated to help his brother which I understand. But, I will not support a drug habit. My husband got mad and said that I would help out my family in any way. The only family I have is 2 sisters near me. One works full time as a nurse aide. The other is disabled and is agoraphobic and receives $700 a month from disability. She pays her share of bills and lives off my sister the remainder of the month. They haven’t borrowed any money in over 6 months. She has asked for medications for a flu that she had a few weeks ago, but I had them at home already. She also sold a doll on ebay and used the money for a few items that she wanted. I am willing to take over bags of food, but would not give him any money. I can’t see him going hungry, but I can’t give money in case he is using again. I’m frustated! Any suggestions please!

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