Voting Question: how do you help friends with drug addictions?

it seems like most of my life ive been around drug my friends are on cocaine,painkillers,just about most drugs you can think of.lost a friend a long time ago to caused him to have schizophrenia some crazy stuff to watch.still trying to figure out how to help.

rehab is out of the question for the people i know that have these problems.
i wasn’t sure what category to put this in.
they are not afraid to admit they have this it makes it a lot harder to convince them to stop.for the fact that its in there life style daily.
yeah the funny thing is its more than one friend.i used to do drugs,but because of this main reason i stopped.i just smoked weed which is fine with sober all the way because of drug addicts.

it just seems like it was meant for me to be around drug addicts for some reason lol.or maybe im a drug addict magnet.i know its nothing to joke about.thats how it seems.

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