Voting Question: How do I pick myself up after staying home for so long?

I have been married 14 yrs this yr. I’ve gone through gambling, cocaine (left me and my kids homeless litter ally for 4 mos), alcohol and marijuana addictions w/my husband. If it’s not one thing w/him it’s another. He does not help me parent as a matter of fact, he fights w/me every time I try to get my kids to do simple things like cleaning their room and he does it right in front of them. He will not work on my car although he’s a manager of an auto shop and has all the knowledge and tools to do it and he will not allow me to have anyone else do it. I can’t even go anywhere because everything is broke on it. He doesn’t work on the house in any way shape or form and I’m soooooo tired. I’ve been fighting w/him for the past 15 yrs that we’ve been together in every decision I’ve made and I just don’t want to fight anymore. He won’t stop drinking and mistreating me and the kids and most of the time it’s because he’s recovering from a good hang over and he won’t be financially and futuristically responsible. I went back to college to truly just empower myself so I can get on my own two feet and I thought we could live together until I did that. We made an agreement I would help him open his own business and he would help me get through school but I can’t stay like this anymore. I’M TIRED! I want to let this go but I’m so afraid financially of what will happen. I’ve only got one semester in. We have four children 11, 10, 7 and 8 mos.
I DO NOT do drugs or drink alcohol. I am a 100% mommy and student. I am as ethically proper as I can be and God fearing and loving. I take my kids to church twice a week and I volenteer w/my church. I do not go out and party. My dedication is to my children and myself which is why I’m back in school at 36. Financially we’re not rich but we are not living destitute either. Not much money to worry about in a divorce but enough for a decent amount of child support. I don’t want anything else from him. No spousal support no help in my home, just child support for our children.

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