Voting Question: How do I get through to my girlfriend about taking drugs?

My girlfriend used to smoke weed and cigarettes. Then we started dating, and it got serious, so I asked her to stop. She stopped completely, promising me she’d never smoke or take pills or anything. About three times she slipped up on smoking cigarettes and then lied to me about it. I can understand slipping up, its an addiction, but lying was a big thing. But we got over it. Then she took some pain pills and cold medicine at school and, again, lied to me about it. We worked through that too. I understood why she lied, she promised she wouldn’t again, etc. About a month ago, she moved to a new school. We’re still dating and everything, going stronger than ever. Then yesterday she tells me she took Adderall. I got really mad, because that’s more serious then pain and cold pills. She broke my trust in her a fifth time. It hurt really bad. But, yet again, I forgave her, but asked that she either stay true to her promise or take it back. She chose the latter. This morning I looked up side effects, and one source said that there is a very high risk of heart attack (she complained about high heartbeat yesterday), severe weight loss and loss of appetite (she didnt eat at all last night), and quick addiction. I told her all that, plus some info my friend shared (Adderall comes up as cocaine on a drug test). She then told me, “Wow, thats scary, I’m going to have to think about it.” That bothered me deeply, that she would have to think about it. She knows how I feel about it all, and how much it hurts me when she does things like this, PLUS she knows about a risk of heart attack, and she needs to “think about it”?! I don’t know what else to say to her or what to do in order to get through to her. Yes, I understand there are way worse things out there besides Adderall, but one drug leads to another almost always, and even if not, all I keep thinking about is her having a heart attack or losing too much wait and dying. I’m scared for her, but I can’t seem to get through to her. Please help!
We’ve been together seven months and have been great friends for two years. I’m with her till the end, as she is with me. Also, she only takes them when her friends are taking them, which is not that often. keep in mind these incidents were spread out. This last time she didnt lie, she told me the truth. I believe its more of a peer pressure thing, and I believe she used to lie about it because she knew I’d be mad and as she says she always wants me happy. She falsely thought I’d rather not know, but we talked about it and she understands now.

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