Voting Question: Hey guys, I Need advice on adderall xr and xanax xr combinations.. PLZ!!!?

First of all before i get to my question,

Id like to add why I myself use these meds in the first place and maybe my vew will help others get more knowledgeable : )
As most of us know, I in this case and many others with similar disorders are screwed unless they get too the psychological/emotional root of the problem and work on themselves towards complete recovery through cognitive therapy.. keep in mind LONG TERM*

But as of now, I and I’m sure many others don’t have the time or the resources to get to the correct therapy and truly assess the roots of problem through releasing their repressed emotions. At this point, I can easily say that alot of us only have the ability to numb the effects chemically and make the best of it while it lasts and while they still can.(insurance or buying for the drugs)

We all know success in any environment requires self assertiveness, but I think that what too many people fail to understand the difficulties involved in getting through such disorders without aid. Many times this is impossible without short term use of medication to jump start their success and hopefully after that get the true cure though harmless drug free cognitive therapy, they wont need the meds ever again.

I think people really need to become more understanding and educated about why people with mental disorders such as mine (or worse) would resort to destroying their brain chemistry’s and bodies by using such dangerous med’s which are pretty much more or less illegal street drugs such as cocaine(adderall) and pretty much prescription alcohol(xanax). Only an idiot would ingest and sooner or later abuse these poisons if they didnt have any medical basis for the drug. It feels so great to live a normal life, Disordered people take them to simply function like normal people and to live up to their true potentials. Its a trade off. disordered and debilitating unproductive natural life or chemically induced life of productivity with risks of lifelong health consequences and addiction.

BTW, sorry I went a bit off topic… however im sure it was worth the reading either way xD

Hey, I’m experimenting on prescription medication for my ADHD combined type coexisting with an anxiety disorder called social phobia(fear of social interaction with others for no logical reason, in response the body triggers its fight or flight defence mechanism and thinks your being attacked. so it prepares you for self defence and attack), and deficits with verbal expression but above average and possibly a generalized anxiety disorder as well. I was prescribed a one month supply of Generic Adderall IR at first and my doc let me experiment up to 40mg.

I have a 60 day supply of Adderall XR(10mg) and 30 day supply of Adderall IR (10mg), and 30 day supply of recently prescribed Xanax XR(1mg). I have the adderall in my closet for over half a year and finished only half of the XR and used only 10 IR pills. So that says something…

I didn’t like IR because I didn’t like the sudden pick me up, it felt very unnatural and and that isnt the reason I take these meds

So he switched me too Adderall XR(brand) which is supposedly smoother and better for the crash when the med wears off

He also prescribed me Xanax XR(brand)(30 x 1mg) to try for my social anxiety.

The adderall gives me high blood pressure, high pulse, and a form of anxiety(it improves my social anxiety by a little and either way i can still talk to people normally, i just feel very tense and stiff, I become disrespectful to others because I interrupt and blurt what others would say before they finish their points, and sometimes paranoid) ive been commented… , it was very hard to urinate and sometimes it was impossible until an hour or so later (this was on 30mg Adderal XR), and muscle tension(crack my knuckles very very often), jitters at first, very dry dry mouth, some appetite loss, extremely cold hands and feet, and finally i sometimes I get motor ticks on my thighs, arms, and feet.

I’d like too reduce/eliminate all or at least majority of the overstimulation of the bodies nervous system and organs caused by the stimulant medication Adderall; by taking it in conjunction with Xanax to level out the effects and hopefully greatly minimize the possible long term heart, blood pressure/circulation problems, and all other problems associated with the use of Adderall or any other strong stimulant. Id like to feel the benefits of the adderall without the physical stimulation and anxiety it manifests.

I was thinking adderall XR(brand) 70mg(7*10mg pills)(which really is 35mg at first then 35 more later) with 2mg of Xanax XR(brand).

I want too know if I chose too much Xanax or too much of the adderall..

Does anyone have any experience with this? Anyone try the same thing? Can anyone recommend me a good combination? Any better medication combinations? Do you think a Beta-Blocker like Inderall would be a good idea as opposed too Xanax X

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