Voting Question: Help me, my husband is addicted to crack cocaine!?

He was heavily addicted to it for years, and I did not find out until after we were married. We are looking for a place to stay, and he has a well paying job, but this drug addiction is keeping us in this major financial hole. Every week he gets paid, he lies about the amount he makes, disappears and spends his entire check on crack. He was gone for 12 hours yesterday spending the money for our home, on crack. He’s in drug rehabilitation classes that are Christian based, and has been for several months, but they are not working. I know he is making a genuine effort to stop, but he is too weak for this drug. I want to know, are there any other things he can do to get him off of it? Maybe he can be emitted into rehab? What are some things that would REALLY work to help him? I am willing to do anything to help him!
Please no stupid answers, this is serious. And please don’t say leave him. This is my husband, and I before God to be with him forever. Thank you.
*from first edit: i VOWED before God to be with him forever.

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