Voting Question: Help!! How do I get myself in college?

hello there..I’m posting this because I’m at my lowest point of disparity. I’m 19 and have not even graduated from high school yet. during my senior year I became very sick and as a result my father…an occasional drug user developed a very destructive addiction to crack and cocaine. within a few months with my mother quiting her job, and my father being fired because of his incompetence we lost our house. well I got better had to stop attending school to work full time and find a place to live for myself. Me living with my parents was not an option after trying to support both them and me when I worked part time. my mother now lives in a shelter my father with my grandmother across the country. And myself, I live in Manhattan my boyfriend, working to survive and I can hardly afford to take non degree classes at a college to get my diploma How can I get my self into college without losing every bit of money I have?

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