Voting Question: He leaves me so confused ,why does he keep doing this?

Ok so ive been seeing a guy with Bi polar he was open with me about it and i accepted it .I met him last summer and we started seeing each other in December i always guessed he was using drugs i knew he used weed but i recently found out he takes cocaine which im against as i have been treated for drug addiction myself.
We get on well and can talk and be honest with each other
and we have a great sex life the best ive had the problem is he hardly speaks to me for days after .

I confronted him about it told him i felt used and disrespected and he apologised to me made an excuse i know he was doing drugs at his mates .

But he came over and we talked he was really affectionate liek he was trying to show me he did care stroking my face and hair and we spent valentines night together he said he just wanted to lay and go to sleep with me and he was being all caring etc .Then the next day he ignores me

Im so confused why he treats me like this
he uses drugs when hes on a downer but i dont see how u can sit with a room full of mates smoking pot and drinking but ignore the one person who cares for you and is looking out for you.

He sent me a joke today but no hi how are u etc
It drives me mad cos we seem to have made some progress together as i know he has confidence with me and feels secure .

But i want to know why he treats me like this i feel ive done somthing wrong and i take it to heart . Wrog maybe but it hurts me cos i do try to understand but he would rather get off his face on weed and ignore me .I dont know if he even realises what hes doing but when we get close im the one he pushes away.

he can say some bad stuff to me so i dont know if its that .

Help please
He even said coke doesnt do it for him so why stick it up ur nose then he seems like he regrets it but i dont know.

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