Voting Question: Family member a suspect in ID theft. Who should we contact?

My brother in law has a long history of crack cocaine addiction. He has stolen from my husband before we were married in 2005. He stole blank checks from my husband, jewelry, gold coins just to name a few items. When I would visit my now husband before we were married I would leave my purse locked in my car trunk. That’s how much I didn’t trust him. My husband and I filed bankruptcy in 2006 because of my husband’s extended unemployment in 2001-2003. He lost his condo and lived off his credit cards. He finally got a full time job in mid 2003. The creditors were harassing us and we had no choice but to file bankruptcy. We tried a few weeks back to open up a checking account just to pay bills. The bank said that my husband had his social security number listed on the ChexSystem. That was really odd. So, I contacted the agency and they sent me a report about my husband’s credit. We found out that there were 3 inquiries into opening a credit card from a bank that we never contacted in 2007. Also, we received a bill from a collection agency on a credit card opened in 2007 about the same time. The reason that I am suspecting my brother in law is because a loan agent called me and wondered where my brother in law resided. He told me that my brother in law had an outstanding loan and that my husband had co-signed the loan. My husband and I are not allowed to incur debt until the bankruptcy is discharged in 2010 or 2011. I would have never opened up any new credit accounts unless given permission by the court. Who can we contact about ID theft? I contacted my lawyer and her hands are tied about placing the collection debt on the bankruptcy until we find out if this is ID theft. I just feel bad for my brother in law. He was a really kind and funny man before the addiction. His health is failing seriously right now because of the addiction. My husband might lose his brother at any time. The drugs have caused serious damage to his liver and now kidneys.

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