Voting Question: False positive for cocaine with an Orasure swab test? Please read details; I need advice….?

Hello everyone, thanks for reading my question. I have be going to a methadone clinic for the last 5 years due to a heroin addiction. Randomly, we receive drug tests to insure we are clean of all illicit substances. The standard drug test is done by providing a urine sample, however, they will allow people to give an Orasure, which is a swab that goes in your mouth against your cheek for 3 minutes. I always use this test because it is extremely difficult for me to urinate on demand. After the test, whether it be urine or Orasure, they always show you the test bottle/tube with a sticker that says your name so you can confirm that it is indeed your name that is getting sent to the lab with the test. My tests have always said my name, correctly. So the other week, I came into the clinic for my dose (I only go once a week because I have been clean for 5 years straight) and the nurse handed me a paper saying my test came back postive for cocaine. I was shocked, to put it lightly. I NEVER use cocaine. I experimented with it as a teenager, but that is it! So I demanded a retest and oddly enough, it came back confirmed as positive for cocaine. This positive has made me to lose one of my take home bottles of my medicine which means I have to come 5 days a week now as opposed to six. THis is very unfair and I have no way of proving my innocence. And obviously they don’t believe me because in their eyes, I’m just another lying drug addict. This truly offends me because I am now sober, a mother, and a full time college student. I have completely changed my life around and for this to happen is like a smack in the face. Does anybody have any thoughts as to why this test would come back as a positive when I ABSOLUTELY DO NOT use cocaine? Any advice on what I could do to prove that I did not use any drugs? Please help. This is just not fair. Thank you in advance.

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  1. Jeff says:

    Hello, my name is Jeff & I too just had this happen to me. The only difference is I have been drug free for 10 years this September & I to never used cocaine & have had 10 years of clean drug screens at my methadone clinic in Bethlehem Pa. I’m now waiting on the recheck to come back. I’m a 34 year old man but this brought tears to my eyes cause I had 13 Take homes & now Ive been taken down to 5 a week. I asked if I can get my hair checked & I’d pay for it if it came back positive, but they told me they don’t do that. My faith in the system is crushed. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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