Voting Question: Does my brother have an addiction?

I’m 15 years old and my brother is 16. My brother smokes a lot of pot, cigarettes and he drinks. Just 3 weeks ago he came home from a friends house drunk and on drugs. he was so out of it that my dad told me to call the police. the police came and my brother was rushed to the ER. He is okay now but the nurses said he wouldnt be alive if we didnt call the police. He took Elavil pills (an anti-depressant medication) mixed with alcohol. Anyway, i have a suspsision that he is addicted to some hard core drugs. he always tells me he isn’t but i have a gut feeling that he is. just 20 minutes ago i went into his drawer (yes i snoop in his room) and i found a little baggy with a white powdery substance in it. It looks like he already used what was in the bag, but the white powder is still on the sides and edges of the bag. Now i know that he is probably using some hardcore drug, but does anyone have any idea what it could be? i smelled it and it has no smell at all. then i tasted a little of it and it has no taste at all either. (I heard cocaine has a bitter taste thats why i tasted it to see if it was cocaine). I’m extremely worried about my brother. i am going to tell my mom about this i just dont know how. No smell and no taste, what kind of drug could this be? Any ideas? It’s a white powder but when i looked really close at it, it almost looked like a very very light blue.
If you have some unintelligent to say, dont bother answering. I don’t need to be beat up, my question is if anyone has any ideas on what the drug could be.

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