Voting Question: Cocaine Addiction and respect?

I have been seeing a guy on and off for 10 months he is addicted to cocaine but wont admit it the signs are all there disapearing ,sweating,grinding teeth ,weight loss sexual dysfunction

He seems to have no repect for anyone or anything including me he constatly lies and manipulates .

I have told him to leave me alone as i cannot deal with being 2nd best

He told me he hates himself and told me never to touch coke because it messes your life up one week he loves me the next im nothing he critcises me and makes me feel used .

Lately he seems to be getting deeper into it he never has any money and when he gets paid he dispears on binges and im left at home like a fool.

He says he loves me but i dont belive him despite him coming back to me the fact he lies about it to me and himself
and seems to have no respect for me standin by and trying to help him

What do i do?
he starts thinking hes better than me and he has experinced pyscosis which really scares me

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