Voting Question: can I find a girlfriend being shy?

i’m a 23 year old college student. I started taking zoloft to reduce my social anxiety and help me out with finding a girlfriend. I’m having bad side effects, and don’t know if it is worth having my shyness go away with medication. I only had one girlfriend on and off three years in my life. I later found out she was a prostitute on criagslist, and a drug dealer who had cocaine addiction. She took advantage of me. I never had sex with her because I was too shy.

i’m told by many girls that I’m hot, and attractive in terms of looks. I’m a wealthy small business owner. I’m also muscular and fit.I’m really shy, and appear socially akward, and have a hard time getting intimate with girls. Despite, all these good traits I have, I am not able to find a girlfriend. I feel lonely, and sometimes feel that there is no hope.

How can a shy guy like me get a girlfriend?
ps: i’m a small business owner and college student.

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