Voting Question: a friend of mine had his children removed from his care by social services six years ago?

at the time he and the children’s mother had a crack cocaine addiction and were unable to look after the children properly. the children’s father has since turned his life around, when he lost his children he entered into a drug rehab cleaned up his act and has been clean ever since. he has become an active member of a church he goes to and has married a women from here and they have had a child of their own. he now wants to look into getting his children to come and live with him and his new wife.
he has 2 children in care both are in separate homes (they were originally together but the older child was moved because he was not getting on in the home) the younger child has always seemed to be happy with where she was but it seems that she is not as happy there as she used to be.
social services have agreed that the older child can have more visits, including overnight stays (he is 14 by the way) but the father was asked not to pursue the same thing with the younger child, who is nearly 13.
my friends don’t know how to get the ball rolling and apply to have the two children handed back to their father. the children’s mother is still on drugs and not in a position to be able to take them back.
contact has been det up with both children since they were placed in care. he has three 4 hour vists a year, older child has requested more contact with his father.

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