Voting Question: A few questions about the drug Cocaine (for school project)?

I’m doing a paper on the dangers of cocaine, including withdrawl, weightloss and overall addiction.
I’ll be writing about a person with a daily intake of cocaine ONE MONTH ONLY.

-What are the effects of frequent use of cocaine for one month?
-How much weight on average would one lose from cocaine everyday for one month?
-What are symptoms of withdrawal?
-How long of the effects of withdrawal remain?
-How would cocaine effect you mentally during withdrawal?
-How would cocaine effect you physically during withdrawal?
-What are overall effects (for life) after a daily intake for a month of cocaine?

REMEMBER ALL THE ANSWERS WOULD ONLY BE FOR ONE MONTH. If you’re just going to say that cocaine is bad, dont even write an answer. I obviously know its bad, which is why I chose to study it for my project.

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