TV Show Glee’s Mixed Message about Teen Drinking

Rarely are available possibly any kind of facts guiding the actual glamorization of teenage consuming alcohol, still countless tv programs don’t demonstrate the destructive fact with the pattern. Glee is the hottest tv show to depict young adults consuming alcohol and confound the viewers. Is teenager drinking alcohol fascinating or damaging?

The episode “blame it on the alcohol” might have been executed far better. Of course, it’s a fact that adolescents consume and yes, it’s really a truth that teenagers expire on account of these kinds of decisions. However, as an alternative to portraying teenage consuming to be a exciting adventure, writers need to take responsibility for the audiences they are likely to impact. Although the show did incorporate designated drivers during the episode, the specific perils of adolescent drinking weren’t emphasised. Young people that see drinking as a enjoyment activity, may believe that once they use a designated driver attempting to engage in alcohol will likely not bring them any kind of injuries. I would certainly like to notice more reality and much less glamorization from television shows that will definitely have got a special affect on today’s youngsters.

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