Treatment for your Chronic Relapser

Relapse is a fall or a backward step in recovery from drug or alcohol addictions. A relapse could be the use of a drug or alcohol after a period of abstinence. Relapse is always a chance in restoration, nevertheless, a lot can be done to avoid it. While others never relapse, a number of people really have a problem with relapse. Several friends and family members are baffled by their beloved ones who despite proper addiction treatment find themselves using or drinking again.

Sometimes, relapse is an one-time event or one short period of drinking or using, without further relapsing. Regrettably, you will find those people who have problems with consistently relapsing. Some people are considered chronic relapsers. Chronic relapsers are the individuals who despite having managed to remain clear and sober for an interval of time continue to have a problem with returning to drugs and/or alcohol.

As anyone can imagine, this can be extremely frustrating for your family and friends of an addict or alcoholic. Your family might think they could eventually have some peace of mind, only to be back in the chaos of addiction. It can be annoying enough to get the appropriate treatment help for someone with an addiction the first time, finding treatment for the chronic relapser can be much more challenging.

The first step in finding therapy for the chronic relapser would be to determine the chronic relapser. The report of the chronic relapser usually includes these characteristics:

* Many efforts at sobriety that have failed despite having experienced treatment

* Inability to maintain achieved sobriety regardless of high degrees of knowledge about recovery

* Continued usage of drug substances and alcohol despite steady issues and issues resulting from these substances or alcohol

* Feelings of hopelessness ultimately causing more of a desire to give up on the quest for sobriety

* Having learned behaviors to work through therapy in this way that fits the addict’s or alcoholic’s own agenda, not merely to pursue sobriety

* Ability to exhaust economic and emotional support of the others to be able to be left alone

* Persuasive character characteristics to get what one wants

* Personality issues and traits

If somebody is continuing to relapse and they show these traits, it is not a situation of an addict or alcoholic being put in a bad condition that re-awakens drug and alcohol use again, it is because they are a chronic relapser and a great amount of work is certainly going to have to be done in order to help them reach a place of consistent sobriety.

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