The NSDUH Report February 19, 2009: Adolescent Mental Health: Service Settings and Reasons for Receiving Care

In the past year, one in eight (12.5 percent) adolescents (i.e., youths aged 12 to 17) received treatment or counseling in a specialty mental health setting for problems with behavior or emotions, 11.5 percent received services in an educational setting, and 2.8 percent received services in a general medical setting. One in twenty (5.1 percent) adolescents received services in both a specialty mental health setting and an educational or general medical setting in the past year. Feeling depressed was the most common reason for receiving mental health services in a specialty mental health setting (50.0 percent), a general medical setting (44.3 percent), or an educational setting (38.0 percent).

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Date Added: 3/15/09
Inventory #: NSDUH09-0219

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