The Courage to Remember: Childhood Traumatic Grief Curriculum Guide

The material presented in The Courage to Remember companion guide (CD-Rom to be published in latter 2008) represents the results of significant advances in the field of childhood traumatic grief and the unique collaboration of researchers and clinicians in academic and community settings throughout the country. This guide has been developed by the National Child Traumatic Stress Network using extensive expert involvement and commentary. Although the focus of these training materials is on individual work with school-age children and teens, additional information and resources are provided regarding work with young children and groups. The materials provide specific guidelines and options for interventions to (1) educate care providers about childhood traumatic grief, (2) introduce others to principles of treatment that have been identified as helpful in treating the condition, and (3) offer practitioners an opportunity to enhance their treatment skills.

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Date Added: 01/01/08
Inventory #: SMA07-4303

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