SAMHSA News (March/April 2009, Vol.17, No. 2): Treatment as an Alternative to Jail for People with Mental Illness

cover of SAMHSA News (March/April 2009, Vol.17, No. 2)

Jail diversion is the focus of the SAMHSA News cover story, “Treatment as an Alternative to Jail for People with Mental Illness.” A SAMHSA Jail Diversion grantee in Blacksburg, VA, is also highlighted along with a description of mental health courts. Underage drinking, the rise in misuse of prescription painkillers, inhalants as poison, and SAMHSA’s new Web page on how to survive tough economic times are other topics in this issue. American Indian and Alaska Native culture is featured in a new pocket-sized “Culture Card,” which offers snapshots of tribal culture, myths and facts, and more.

In addition, short articles include news about the Suicide Prevention Lifeline on Twitter, National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day, and a DVD on successful homelessness prevention strategies in Seattle and Philadelphia. This issue is also available online with extra news articles at

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Date Added: 6/01/09
Inventory #: SMA09-172

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