Resolved Question: Will you pray for this situation to be healed?

I’m not sure of the right verbiage….I’m not much of a “godly” type….but this situation can use all the help it can get….

A good friend of mine has been relapsing on crack cocaine. He has lost his car, and is umemployed, and looks like he will lose his house etc… he is utterly hopeless, and potentially suicidal – I found a treatment center than will take him for 6 months, and they will pay for it, if he is willing to go…

But his addiction is telling him that he doesn’t need help….those who have been there will know….

And so I’m going…with another freind of his, to try to take him to this treatment center….to save his life….

Will you please pray that Andy is granted grace, or willingness – or whatever it is that will help this situation?

I’m not even sure that I can help – but I do know I would feel awful if I didn’t try something.


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