Resolved Question: Will God reward these two people equally?

Will God reward these two people equally?

Jennifer: She is a wealthy businesswoman working for a public relations company and she lives in a nice big house located on a huge lake, drives a luxury SUV, owns lots of nice clothes, nice stereo equipment, nice furniture, lots of nice jewelry, she gets to go to alot of nice vacations, plenty of rock concerts and professional sporting events, her parents are also rich and wealthy and they even let Jennifer stay in their vacation home in the Mountains whenever she wanted, yes Jennifer is a believer of God and Jesus Christ

Greg: He is a poor unemployed man living in an old beat up van and he is a crack addict and he often burglarizes homes and businesses to support his crack addiction, before Greg got hooked on crack he was a really nice person who sadly got treated poorly by his teachers and his friends were snubbing him off all because he was from a poor family and Greg ended up battling with depression and he felt that crack cocaine was the only way to overcome his depression, Greg is a believer of God and Jesus Christ

Also will both Greg and Jennifer experience the same amount of peace, joy, love and happiness while they’re both in Heaven?

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