Resolved Question: Will getting married change anything?

I’m 17 and my girlfriend Brooke is pregnant. She has a very serious drug addiction and she has served a year in jail due to drug possession charges. We broke up for awhile and i was miserable without her i wanted to get back together and she told me she was pregnant! and this helped make up my mind and we got back together. During the time we broke up she went into rehab and was doing real well. This encouraged me to take her out of rehab and her promise she would never harm our baby with drugs. However she told me she was using marijuana cocaine and heroin to calm down. She told me she felt unattractive and not loved. She is only a month pregnant and beautiful as she always was. She was about to shoot up heroin and i called the cops on her. She is now in jail and has been there about a week. I’m starting to doubt the baby is even mine after i found romantic texts on her cell phone from some guy named Kyle. I questioned her about him and she told me he is a dealer and he has a thing for her. She swore she never touched him and that she never or would ever cheat on me. She wants to get married. I love her but I’m tired of the drugs and all the bullshit that comes along with it. I wanna marry her someday but I’m not ready nor do i think it’s the right time. She swore to god that if we got married she would quit for good. She said it would change everything if we got married. Will it change anything?
She is definitely pregnant i took her to the hospital and the doctor ran the pregnancy test and it came back that she was pregnant. I care about her deeply i love her so much she is the love of my life
it didn’t work out with Joesph’s mom unfortunately i still care about her and i love Joesph. I’m not intent on getting married the women in my life are. I will start using condoms
I’m sure she is pregnant

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