Resolved Question: why was he so nasty did i deserve this type of treatment and if I did why?

I was living with my husband we were in the process of filing for a divorce. I decided i needed something to keep my mind, body and soul occupied so I decided to call a chat room line which I met this man. we spoke on the phone for 2 hours and we finally met a week after . When we met he said he was 45 yrs old, he turned out to be 50, he said he stopped smoking, he never stopped, He said he was only arrested at a young age for selling weed I did a complete back ground check on him after I fell in love with him, and had sex with him. I found out he was arrested for robbery and served 7 yrs in jail and still on probation less than 2 yrs ago. He said he didn’t want to tell me because he “was afraid of losing me.” He said when he was married 10 yrs ago ,he worked for NJ transit and while working there he was introduced to cocaine and got hook, he lost his job and to feed his addiction he got another job but also robbed hotels because his pay check wasn’t enough money to feed his addiction. everytime he got caught by the police his mom and dad always would bail him out of jail, put there home up, spend there saving until his dad said enough was enough and stopped helping and talking to him. His wife divorced him because she kept bailing him out as well and she was tired of raising the children on her own because he bascially lived in jail and when he came out he could land a decent paying job. he had a felony and the only type of job he got was warehouse job. he wasn’t around to see his children grow up because of his addiction. Well I felt sorry for him and since he was off the drugs so he said wich I have never seen him high,I felt he did deserve another chance in life. Well since he served time and had a felony under his belt, it was difficult for him to get a decent paying job. Well I decided to move out of my husband’s home and moved into my own apt which my new boyfriend would come over and visit me every other day. Well he lost his job and I would pay his bills. I end up purchasing him a vizio 37 inch tv, paid his cellular phone bill, food, cable, car insurance etc. I gave him cash $1200 he also helped me with some of my bills as well. we basically helped each other. He was there to listen to my pain and I cried on his shoulder many nights because of the pain I was going through and the pain my 2 young children under age 12yrs old were experience because of the divorce my husband I was going through. Well my boyfriend helped me decorate my new apartment, he really loved and cared about me and was always always there when i needed him and I was aways there for him as well. We plan on spending our life together when the marriage was over but we wanted to take it slowly. Well my husband asked me to give him second chance and because of the kids and also I didn’t think my boyfriend was financially able to take care of me and my children because he had no pension, he didn’t have a good or no job and when he gave me money I would have to give it back to him by either paying a bill for him etc, and compared to my husband for 11 yrs he never took a time from me. but my boyfriend accepted money from me to help him with his bills and I just looked at both men and decided my husband was a better provider. Also my husband never drink or smoke and my boyfriend did.. i am not a smoker and my kids hate it. I compared my future with my husband and my future with my boyfriend and children and my husband won. I would be better off staying with my husband. I am still living on my own but my husband plans on moving me , the children and him into a brand new home together as a fresh start and we would seek counseling. Well I told my boyfriend I couldn’t be with him because I was going back with my husband. He got very upset and stopped speaking to me and he didn’t want to be friends at financiallymy husband and I tried to make it together I saw that he didn’t really chance so I told my ex-boyfriend and he said I told you so. He said he would take me back as his girlfriend which I thought he did so I was on my way to his home and when he met me downstairs he told me he had no money or food to eat so i GAVE HIM $100 so he took my money and slammed the door in my face and told me to go back to my husband because do I thiNK he would take me back when I left him fpr my husband and I had unprotected sex with my husband. he said he wan’t gofer or piece of meat and he left me at the front door and i left and went home to my apartment. well so I decided to go back to my husband and try again to make it work which is where I am writing this question. where did I go wrong and why is he so mad after I have done so much financaily for him. I wanted the best for my children he didn’t have a pension, my husband social security is way better than his and he has less to offer me than my husband. I told him in the beginning i would never marry him because my husband makes $100k a yr and he makes $40k marrying him would

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