Resolved Question: Why the hell is ambien a Schedule IV controlled substance?

Ambein is a NON-benzodiazepine. Even tho it works in the same way, it is NOT a benzo. It does not give an indivual the life-threatning withdrawl effects of high blood pressure, convulsions, heart attacts, etc that occur with benzo’s such as xanax, valium, and clonapin r sudddenly stopped. I’ve taken ambien for months at a time and suddenly stopped, and the only symptom i had was that it took about 2 hours longer to fall asleep for only 2 days. Other than that, that was it. That’s what’s wrong with this country. They control these weak drugs to the point where people get pissed off and end up taking dangerous substances like cocaine, heroin, which in turn causes a higher rate of crime and the indiviudal becoming physcially and psychologically dependent. If the Federal Gov’t would ease up on drugs such as ambien, codeine, and even marijuana, there would be less people going out there to purchase these items illegally in the black market, which causes criminal activity and endangeres society. Would it be better that someone goes to a package store, drinks a bottle of jack daniel’s whisky, and fuckin kills 4 people on the interstate by driving on the wrong side of the highway going 90 MPH. So again, why is ambien, a damn sleeping pilll that just makes u tired without causing pyhsical addiction, a controlled substance. And u need to show a photo Id for picking up ambien? wtf is that! I dont need to show a photo Id if i wanted to purchase Robitussin with DXM, take 8 pills, and trip on them like I was tripping on acid. Or if I wanted to go to the inner-city and get a few bags of heroin, i dont need to show the damn dealer my ID. Humans r just naturally pleasure seeking creatures; thoughout history people from all cultures and walks of life have needed a drug of “mind altering” qualites, for either social events or just to ease the daily stress of life. Even our forefathers that this country was founded on had to find a way to fermentate beer to give them an occasional break from the stresses of society and a way to enjoy the company of others and enhance the partying experience for the social creatures we are. I truly belive that this “war on drugs” is phony and a huge waste of time, and if anything, adds more crime and violence. I do belive drugs such as cocaine, heroin, PCP, and LSD should be illegal, cuz they r physically addicting and people would even kill to get it. But marijuana, sleeping pills, and codeine are petty drugs that cause far less death and violence than the LEGAL alchohol, which in my opinion is one of the most toxic and dangerous drugs in the world. But the US Gov’t recieve money from the taxes on alchohol and tobacco, which is y they will stay legal, even tho there’s scienticfic proof that marijuana causes less damage to ur body than alcohol. Many people in my generation have similar views as I, and very soon we will be the ones running our country, and things will change; for the better. It’s just a matter of time.

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