Resolved Question: Why keep Pot ILLEGAL?

Lets examine the usual proponent examples:
Claim#1: Pot is a gateway drug
Fact#1: The concept of a gateway drug infers that one will seek a stronger, better high than the original drug. If this concept is true, then it is also applicable to tobacco and alcohol. Also, 80% of Americans have tried pot atleast once in their lives, but it didnt make them resort to cocaine and other illicit drugs.

Additional notes:
-Alcohol is much more addictive, it contains physical components that hold severe physical manifestations upon withdrawal. Pot, on the other hand, only holds psychological addiction, and withdrawal is much less severe
-Alcohol creates numerous problems among all of us, we have all had our experiences. Alcohol is a common source of violence, people often get drunk and get angry. But with pot, people plant themselves on the count and experience uncontrollable laughter.
-Every 15 minutes someone is killed by a drunk driver. When have you heard of someone being responsible for causing deaths in auto accidents, or EVEN ARRESTED, for driving for being high on pot.
-Marijuana is the largest cache crop in california: it could make billions for the state
-Stop wasting millions on enforcing marijuana prohibition, let cops actually focus on catching real criminals
-It is racially enforced: an african american is 5 times as likely to be arrested for having pot than a white kid. Cops usually let a kid go if they have some pot, but if your a black kid your much more likely to be enlisted in the system.

Conclusion: What’s the point? Pot is clearly less addictive and destructive than alcohol. Instead of wasting money on enforcing a law that hasnt deterred anyone from smoking, lets make money and allow personal choice & freedom. I mean really, what logical reasoning is left that can encourage such an egregious law?

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