Resolved Question: Why Is Marijuana Illegal? This is not fair.?

Okay, first of all Alcohol kills A LOT of people each day,More than MaryJ kills a year,Secondly Don’t even get me STARTED on cigarettes ,Cause that is where most people die. I understand coccaine is bad, just remember, all the side effect are

Addiction, Jittery, and REALLY bad because that stuff goes directly from your nose, to your brain.

again,addiction,drunk,slur language, Sudden anger,Or sudden sadness

Hungry (munchies),You feel relaxed.

And really that’s the truth, don’t criticize it, Legalize it :-)
the only time it caused any problems was when monkeys were forced to inhale pure THC for 3 hours straight, and then there were minor complications. there is absolutely nothing wrong with marijuana.

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